PEKA Contribution


$50.00 unit to contribute directly to the PEKA project.

The Rotary Club of Bowen Island would love it if you would be willing to contribute to this very worthy PEKA Project with or without purchasing tickets to our dinner on Feb. 10, 2024. We would be delighted to receive a cheque, or you may simply use this shop and make a contribution right now by choosing one or a number of $50 units. Please note that other than the credit card/banking charges for this transaction, the Rotary Club does not deduct a management fee. The donation will be made in your name to the Peka Project.

Lesotho is a very poor country completely surrounded by South Africa. Because of devastating HIV, there are many orphans in the country. A member of Bowen Rotary, Matthew Harrison, is our club’s champion for the PEKA project. He has visited the Beautiful Gate Orphanage several times and discovered that it is well-run and provides a secure and caring facility for very young children. Now, in order to develop a facility for children older than six years, Beautiful Gate has acquired land and is raising money for this new project called PEKA in northern Lesotho. At this location they will be able to provide a developmental program for children with special needs. Peka will provide the means to give the un-adopted children of Lesotho a chance at a successful, healthy, and happy life — and a way for them to help re-invest and build their country.

Bowen Rotary has already run several successful projects to advance this orphanage, but there is still so much more that is needed. Thank-you for your interest. To see more about PEKA, please watch this video



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