Why does Bowen Rotary need an Online Shop?

How, during the covid-19 pandemic, does a service club raise a few dollars to fund projects on Bowen Island, and around the world? This shop is an experiment. We think it will benefit you and provide some dollars toward the proposed fresh water fountain in Snug Cove.

This season, we have found an outstanding source of fresh frozen local seafood, and we hope you will support our projects by purchasing some of our products. And we think you will be delighted with our seafood.

Of course, we welcome donations. Both for the work of the club, and for the Rotary Foundation.

The Rotary Club of Bowen Island does not use funds donated for projects to run the club. When we receive funds for projects, 100% of those dollars go to support projects.

Links to some other Bowen Rotary projects on Bowen Island